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Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Are you ready to make a meaningful change in your life? Is it time to take back control of your health and your future? If so, it is time to meet Dr. Sergey Terushkin and our team of skilled support technicians for your free gastric surgery consultation.

Gastric Bypass. An established operation that has been used to treat obesity for more than 40 years, the gastric bypass entails creating a small stomach pouch and bypassing three to five feet of intestine. Obese patients typically lose 50-75 percent of their excess weight. Type 2 diabetes is resolved in 80 percent of patients.

Gastric Bypass Surgery. Patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery at our facility have experienced tremendous results. The procedure entails creating a small stomach pouch and bypassing several feet of intestine.

Sleeve gastrectomies — better known as “Gastric Sleeve Surgeries” — are the most common type of bariatric weight loss procedures and now make up more than 60% of all such procedures in the United States. Dr. Sergey Terushkin, a renowned leader in the bariatric surgery field, performs gastric sleeve procedures regularly using a minimally invasive, laparoscopic technique.

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